Pakistani and Indian styles of Muslim Jewelry

Pakistani and Indian styles of Muslim Jewelry

August 17, 2018      Administrator

In South Asia, Jewelry is mainly categorized into Indian Jewelry and Pakistani jewelry. It’s an integral part of their culture and women adorn themselves with gold, silver, and diamond. Jewelry trends constantly change with time like dresses. Just like designer dresses, designer jewelry is a hot topic amongst the bride-to-be’s. The Pakistani and Indian jewelry covers everything like rings, earrings, matha pati, necklace, anklet etc. Let’s have a detailed look at these two styles 

•    Pakistani jewelry: Pakistani jewelry is a great and gorgeous amalgamation of different metals for bridal adornments. Every peculiar combination in jewelry is sure to give every bride a new look. Women, who priorities Gold, can make the Mala of Gold beads which look fabulous. Kundan jewelry always tops the league of Pakistani jewelry. Kundan and pearls combination looks very elegant. The “RANI HAAR” made of white and red pearls gives a royal look to the bride. Jhumar earrings and Matha-Tikka trends are also in.

•    Indian Jewelry: Indian Jewelry has marvelous and unique designs of culture and traditional representation. Indian Jewelry not only serves an ornamental purpose for the bride but also signifies a woman's married status. Instead of simply using a wedding ring, North Indian women wear specific ornaments like mangalsutra, nath, bichuye and churiyaan. In Southern India, the “Thali” ornament signifies marriage. The Hyderabadi Style of “Guluband necklace” looks very royal. Also, Kundan and Gold makes a royal and heavy set for the bride.

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