Muslim Wedding List of Some Wonderful Favors that you Can Choose

Muslim Wedding List of Some Wonderful Favors that you Can Choose

October 18, 2018      Administrator

Everybody wants to please their wedding guests right? Whatever favors you give, Make sure your gifts are special and memorable. We made a list of some wonderful favors that you can choose from:

  1. Habibi and habibti mug set:- A very pocket friendly favor for an Islamic wedding. The Arabic design is permanently printed on both sides of the mug so that everyone can enjoy the awesome design!
  2. Halal Happy Box:- This whole box can be filled with Muslim collection like books, sweets and tabeez etc. the person who receives it will be struck with happiness through all their senses. This is such an awesome gift that your friend, sibling, parent or spouse will never forget.
  3. Ayat Al Kursi:- A beautiful digital print of Ayat Al Kursi in Arabic Calligraphy is modern yet elegant art piece. This lovely printed art will make any space glamorous and chic in no time.
  4. Medium Velvet quran box with matching velvet quran:- It will definitely put a smile on your loved one’s face, and promises to try and keep that smile on their face forever. 
  5. Personalized Arabic Name:- This beautiful and personalized Arabic name art adds elegance and warmth to your wedding favor. The name can be printed or engraved.
  6. 10 pcs, Scented stone:- It can be used as a wedding favor, wedding gift, or as a baby shower gift. The fragrance of the stone stays for a long time. This gift looks complete along with a transparent frame stand. 

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