Muslim Wedding Henna Style Designs for Hands

Muslim Wedding Henna Style Designs for Hands

August 09, 2018      Administrator

The rich and varied Islamic culture is very well reflected in the mehndi designs too. These designs are perfect for the bridal beauty as the bride totally deserves the best of everything. These bridal designs are simple yet beautiful and is sure to add charm to the bride and her outfit. The various styles are:

1. Glitterati - A simple and elegant design with beautiful glitter accentuations is a very catchy combination. Even when the design is really simple, the glitter steals the show.

2. Double color - A mix of double color glitter makes it unique as well as beautifully different and all the more glittery.

3. Lines And Patterns – This is a great design that uses a combination of intricate lines mixed with some circular and floral patterns which cover both front and back sides of the hand.

4. Trendy Trail – In this design, a long trail of design that runs all the way from the forearm to the fingertips. Very minimal but stylish and beautiful.

5. The Classic Circular Design - This design is complemented with jewelry like designs of bracelet and finger rings and it is just perfect for any and every occasion. It’s simply very beautiful.

6. Spaced out Style- If you prefer minimalistic designs, look no more. This design covers the complete hand and arm without being too densely elaborate. It’s nicely spaced out and all patterns complement each other.
So girls, get ready to put your beautifully decorated hands forward this time.

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