Muslim Wedding Henna Style Designs for Foot

Muslim Wedding Henna Style Designs for Foot

August 09, 2018      Administrator

You might be wondering what sets Muslim mehndi designs apart from the other henna designs right? And when it comes to your wedding, it’s not just your hands but your feet deserve some special attention too. So let’s take a look at some beautiful and unique Muslim mehndi designs for foot that we are sure you will love to have.

1. Floral designs - This design is loaded with simplicity and elegance. By adding some glitter accentuation, this is all you need to be the showstopper!

2. Round n’ Round - This design creates a symmetrical pattern that flows beautifully. There are very few designs elements in this pattern and uses the overall design uses the same pattern over and over again without making it look repetitive or boring.

3. Paisley Power - This is a commonly used design motif for mehndi and they look beautiful and elegant on your feet. Multiple paisleys can be used which may vary in size along with fine patterns around it to complete the entire design.

4. Peacock design - The peacock mania of Muslim mehndi design is a classic and can never go out of style. This is a great design for both hands and feet. The use of multiple peacock motifs make it a beautiful and pretty choice for the bride-to-be! It’s elaborate with fine lines and multiple design elements that are beautifully put together.

So girls, get ready to let your feet do the talking!

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