Muslim Bridal Different Types of Dresses

Muslim Bridal Different Types of Dresses

August 17, 2018      Administrator

Muslim weddings are vibrant events which represent the elegance and grandeur of the Muslim tradition. The selection of a bridal dress depends on the bride’s choice and cultural background. We have gathered some beautiful Muslim bridal dresses for you. 

1. Peacock Blue stonework dress- This royal blue wedding dress is simply stunning, with its heavy embroidery and stonework. With natural and understated make up and a plain, cream colored hijab you will definitely resemble a peacock princess. 

2. Onion Pink Zardozi bridal dress - This dress is sure to take you back to the Mughal times. The simplicity of the fine onion pink fabric is offset by the ornate, golden zardozi embroidery. 

3. Peachy bridal dress - This bridal dress is perfect for summer. It can be paired with an accented under scarf which is tied under the dupatta will definitely make everyone exclaim ‘mashahallah’!

4. The Rustic Red Gown - This gown is embroidered to perfection. Especially in India, you can never go wrong with a regal red bridal dress. The draped dupatta makes you a dream bride. 

5. The Grey Gown with Laced Hijab - This dress makes smart use of different shades of grey and embroidery to give a sophisticated and radiant look. 
With enormous varieties of cuts, fabrics and dresses, the modern Muslim bride has a vast array of options as she picks a dress for her big day. So pick up your favorite style and be the showstopper of your big day!

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