Jewellery for the Muslim Bride & Groom

Jewellery for the Muslim Bride & Groom

August 17, 2018      Administrator

What comes to your mind when you think about jewelry? 
For some people, jewelry is worn as an ornamental accessory to compliment a wardrobe. For others, it is an expression of their personality or to make an artistic statement. Jewelry is mainly concerned with women worldwide, but jewelry for men in countries like India, Pakistan, Arabia, and Middle East etc. also plays an important role in weddings. There is simplicity and at the same time a great diversity in groom’s Wedding Jewelry. Let’s catch a glimpse of the Wedding Jewelry styles for the Muslim groom:

Indian style jewelry - Indian men typically wear less jewelry than women during their wedding, but that doesn’t mean that jewelry varieties for groom are less. 
•    Turban adornments with pearl-tipped heron bird feathers or maybe a fan of jewels
•    Traditional Jutti (Footwear) which is beautifully embroidered and studded with precious matching jewels or contrasting pearls. 
•    There is also a huge variety of pendants, strands of pearls, or amulets made of precious metal inlaid with gemstones. 
•    For the upper arms and wrists there are hinged armbands and bracelets.

Pakistani style jewelry – There is a fashion of Mughal style turban ornament made of gold and precious gemstones in Pakistan. For Mughal themed weddings, there are silk turbans sequined with decorative, drooping feather-like ornaments. These turban ornaments are usually cast in enameled gold and are augmented with precious gemstones and pearls.

So guys, it’s high time to put up that shine on your special day. 

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