Islamic Arabic, styles of Jewelry trends for Muslim women

Islamic Arabic, styles of Jewelry trends for Muslim women

August 09, 2018      Administrator

Jewelry has always been an integral part of all the weddings. Jewelry is worn and given as a gift to be cherished, or to commemorate and celebrate special occasions and weddings. Muslim Bridal Jewelry covers everything like rings, earrings, matha pati, necklace, anklet etc. There are numerous jewelry styles followed by Muslims around the world, namely:

•    Mughal Jewelry: Mughal jewelry has an infinite variety of beautiful jewelry that literally covers the wearer from head to toe. Besides India, Mughal jewelry is also popular in several other countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh etc. Nowadays, Mughal jewelry emphasizes stonework and enameling along with some modern twists. Birds, flowers and paisley are the most common designs used in Mughal jewelry technique. In India, the special enamelling process on gold is known as meenakari and the stone-setting is called jadau. Other exotic forms of Mughal craftsmanship include filigree (threads or beads of gold) and thewa (gold patterns fused onto melted glass).

•    Arabian Jewelry: This jewelry style is highly inspired by the Arab culture, and incorporates the art of Arabic calligraphy. It is composed of small decorative items like precious beads used for personal adornment. Generally Allah, religious scriptures and crescent moon designs are engraved on gold and silver jewelry. The jewelry creations relay traditional stories that accompany each piece. There are beautiful jewelry pieces like the headgears decorated with coins and shimmery waist belts etc.
Whatever your preferred jewelry type is, be sure to turn on the bling at your wedding!!

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