A Baraat one of the most fun filled traditions in a Muslim Wedding

A Baraat one of the most fun filled traditions in a Muslim Wedding

October 18, 2018      Administrator

The custom of baraats is prevalent since time immemorial in India and Pakistan and considered auspicious at weddings by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs alike. A Baraat is one of the initial and most fun filled traditions in a Muslim wedding. When the groom arrives, he's surround by a baraat. A baraat is welcomed with fanfare as they arrive to meet the bride and her family at the wedding venue. 
Baraat styes:

  • Traditional baraat - The groom rides a well decorated white Ghodi (horse), surrounded by revelers. 
  • Royal style - The groom comes on a beautifully adorned elephant. 
  • Extravagant - In mega budget weddings, the groom can even arrive in Helicopter!
  • Depending on how elaborate the wedding is, the baraat style also goes according to it. Nowadays, people usually prefer cars for their baraat processions.

When the groom arrives, the bride's family welcomes him and Baraatis (his friends & family) with floral garlands, spray ittar, sherbet and distribute sweets.

It’s true that no Muslim Wedding is complete without Band Baja Baraat. The baraat has its own has bookings of cover band, dancers and lighting arrangement etc. and is headed by a display of fireworks accompanied by the rhythm of the dhol.
The Baraat’s music sets up an exciting mood for the further marriage events. Modern electronic instruments like the Dhol player, makes the music all the more upbeat and exciting. Nowadays, Muslim weddings showcase a fusion of Sufi, Hip Hop and Bhangra mixing to make a baraat bumpin’.

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