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Hindko is an Indo Aryan language predominantly spoken in Pakistan. When it comes to the particular areas where Hindko is mainly spoken khyber pakhtunkhwa comprised Hazara), Punjab including Attock etc. It is estimated that 2.2 to 4 million people are Hindko speakers including Muslims too. No ethnic name is given to these people who are identified in these different districts such as Hazarawal and in peshawar city are known as Kharay. Hindko is spoken by various people belong to the different background primarily in the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab as well. 
Hindko Muslim marriage is a sacred and traditional affair including various customs and rituals are adhered from old age. Typically, these customs are an integral part of Hindko Muslim wedding ceremony. It greatly fills fun and joyous celebrations to this big day event. These pretty customs are categorized into three sections like Pre Hindko Muslim matrimony, wedding and post-wedding customs to harmonize Hindko Muslim matchmaking couple. There you will find a unique blend of religious and cultural custom practices have adhered from ancient time. is an online Hindko Muslim matrimonial site provides matchmaking services for Hindko Muslim brides and smart Hindko Muslim grooms. It is a simple and convenient way of registering matrimony profile to begin marriage search for tying a nuptial knot.