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Coorgi language is predominantly spoken in the Indian state of Karnataka. Coorgi language is considered a mix match of Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam. Coorgi speakers Muslim people are Sunnis who are a great follower of Islamic religion and holy scripture ‘Quran’. They are Sunnis of the Shafi Madhab who mainly focuses on marriage customs and traditions to tie their sons and daughters nuptial knot. Coorgi Muslims follow Mappila and Beary customs. Coorgi Muslim speakers’ culture is different from Kerala Muslims and traditionally wear the Kodava attire. 
Coorgi Muslim wedding is a joyous celebration seems colorful and fun-filled customs to unite Coorgi Muslim bride and Coorgi Muslim groom. All the close friends, relatives and family members waits with full of excitement to enjoy a delicious meal, dancing and music etc. Coorgi Muslim matrimony harmonizes Coorgi Muslim matchmaking couple for a lifetime. It is simpler, but traditional affair, including custom formalities from starting to the last event. Coorgi Muslim couple receives blessings from their elders after happy accomplishment of Coorgi Muslim matrimony. is an online matrimonial site offers matchmaking services for Coorgi Muslim singles. In the modern trend new generation prefers the use of matrimonial sites to find their ideal life partner in quick and simple ways.