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Burmese is a predominant official language of Myanmar. It is estimated that during 2017 Burmese was initially spoken as a first language approx by 33 million where religious and cultural differences are found related to their ethnic and actual lifestyle. Islam is considered as a great religion in Myanmar approx 4 % Muslim population. Burmese speakers are residents of Myanmar. A large number of Muslim population arrived there as travellers, pioneers, merchants or traders, military staff and as prisoners of wars. However, some of them have been refuge gradually during natural disasters wars, monsoon storms and many more. Burmese Muslims are also well-educated working as a skilled employee as an advisor in higher rank position. 
Burmese Muslim wedding is a traditional affair includes dominant customs and traditions to unite bride and groom in a marriage relationship. Burmese Muslim marriage is expected to be an official contract-based relationship. Burmese Muslim matrimony is also known as Nikah with so many matrimonial custom ceremonies. Gradually Islam has converted into modernity with some changes. Burmese Muslim bride and groom appear decent as a matchmaking couple. is an online Burmese matrimonial site offers matchmaking marriage services for Burmese handsome grooms and prettiest Burmese brides. You can join us free for tying a nuptial knot.