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Brahui is a Dravidian language mainly spoken by Brahui Muslims in some of these regions of Baluchistan province in Pakistan and various parts of Afghanistan. Quetta is a predominant district of Baluchistan, where Muslims only speak Brahui language. Some of Brahui Muslims are well settled in Soviet Turkmenistan. During the early 19th and 20th centuries, most of their ancestors had relocated to Baluch from India and Afghanistan.  
Brahui Muslims are physically quite different from their neighbor different language speaker. Brahui Muslims belongs to the Sunni sect of Islam who are the great follower of Islamic religious custom practices and beliefs adhered by old age. They visit holy mosques with a hope of seeking good luck and prosperity in their life. Brahui Muslims do five times prayer to seek blessings and grace of Allah by adoring him. 
Brahui Muslim wedding is incomplete without cultural customs and traditions are practiced by the great follower of the Islamic religion. A wedding is an integral part of Islamic culture that is considered a social bond (Brahui Muslim marriage alliance) contract based relationship between couple and Allah. Brahui Muslim matrimony is also known as ‘Nikah’ ceremony accomplished with lots of religious formalities to bring Brahui Muslim matchmaking couple together. is an online Brahui Muslim matrimonial sites come to join us free to begin a matrimony search for marriage alliance.