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Bhutia Muslims a group of people migrated during an early sixty of twentieth century. Bhutia Muslims have gradually well settled in the different Indian states such as Srinagar, Gangtok, Kalimpong and Darjeeling alongside the Eastern Himalayas. Bhutia Muslims wear traditional simpler outfit named Bakhu this is typically sleeveless, loose cloak pattern attire frore at the neck only one side along with waist silk or cotton belt. Bhutia Muslim women are recognized pangden that are a symbol of being married. Bhutia Muslims greatly adhere to cultural and religious customs by adoring Allah to seek blessings. 
When it comes to the Bhutia Muslim wedding seems incomplete without matrimonial custom ceremonies. Bhutia Muslim marriage is a traditional simpler affair brings two different people in a marriage alliance. This is a big day ceremony with lots of fun-loving and exciting celebrations begins from pre-wedding customs like mehndi and sangeet both are ultimately unforgettable events enjoyed like a festive occasion. Bhutia Muslim bride and Bhutia Muslim groom appear happy and excited to tie a nuptial knot with each other. 
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