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Bhojpuri is one of the most predominant Indo Aryan language spoken in the Northern-Eastern regions of India. Bhojpuri language is mainly spoken in Uttar Pradesh, western Bihar and some of north-western part of Jharkhand. Bhojpuri is one of them seven Hindi languages Haryanvi, Braj, Awadhi, Bundeli and Bagheli, Kannauji etc. Depending on their residency from which state they belong to. Uttar Pradesh Muslim residents speak Bhojpuri language. Bhojpuri is also spoken by the people who have been relocated from Uttar Pradesh to Bihar. However, some of them are in Pakistan, but new generation commonly prefers to speak Urdu language. 
Really tough to know Bhojpuri Muslim wedding ceremonies because virtual customs and traditions depend on their culture where they are residing. But a few customs and rituals are common in Bhojpuri Muslim matrimony, such as adhering Allah to seek blessings for happy and pleasant embarking of new wed relationship. The sacred cultural customs and rituals describe an actual Bhojpuri Muslim marriage celebrations how the couple is going to tie a nuptial knot. Bhojpuri Muslim bride prefers traditional costume and Bhojpuri Muslim also appears in simpler attire to look smart and handsome. 
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