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Arunachali Muslims are the great adherents of Islamic beliefs, however, it is estimated that they don’t have a good luxury lifestyle. Arunachal is popular Indian states where a large population of Muslims is residing, who are known as Arunachal Muslims. This is called a land of rising sun with scenic natural beauty. Arunachali Muslims are God (Allah) fearing who celebrates a different set of customs and rituals wonderfully. These people are quite friendly like to spend time with friends and neighbors. Geographically Arunachal is one of the largest, most popular north-eastern states called as seven sister states where Muslims are residing and working in different sectors such as agriculturalist and weaving. 
Arunachali Muslim wedding customs are vibrant and elaborated with so many custom affairs adhered from the ancient time. Arunachali Muslim matrimony is a joyful event where both families send an invitation to their close relatives, friends and acquaintances to participate in Arunachali marriage ceremony. Arunachali Muslim bride appears happy and began caring for her beauty a couple of months before an actual wedding. Arunachali Muslim groom prefers to buy traditional type wedding clothes to wear on his special day. 
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