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Arabic is a mother tongue of Muslims who are great follower of the Islamic religion. There is a majority of Arabic Muslim population speaks some other different language as well, for instance Aramaic, Coptic, Berber or Persian in the different regions. Arabic influences non-Arabic Muslims in a significant way. However, the holy scripture ‘Quran’ is composed in Arabic that is truly adhered by all Muslims. And the most important aspects of Muslim culture they recited five times prayer in a day that are recited in the Arabic language. It doesn’t mean they understand Arabic language or not. The ‘Hadith’ and all official source important documents were written in Arabic for Islamic jurisprudence. When it comes to South-east Asian Muslims are unable to speak Arabic still somehow attached with it and prefer to give Arabic names to their children. 
Arab people are considered diverse with a different set of Arabic Muslim wedding customs and traditions are adhered by them. Arabic Muslims matrimony is most commonly performed in holy magnificent Mosque. Arabic Muslim marriage celebrations are a fun filled with integral Arabic Muslim matrimonial ceremonies like initiating marriage proposals, engagement, henna, Nikah and walima (a grand reception). Come to register at to begin an ideal life partner search for Arabic Muslim beautiful brides and smart Arabic Muslim Grooms.