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Bengali is a predominant language spoken by an ethnic group of religious Muslims are found with a higher population in Bangladesh and lesser found in the Indian states of West Bengal and Assam. Bengali Muslims are very much closed to the Islamic culture and they speak Bengali language. Bengali Muslims are the second largest population in the world after Arab Muslims. Islam was proposed to Bengal in the 7th or 8th century, then it is estimated a dominant religion arriving from basically by Arab and Persian propagator & marketeer. Islam has influenced the native Bengali culture in different ways. In the today’s world modern Bengali Muslims live in the modern states of Bangladesh. This is one of the third largest containers of Muslim majority as well as including Indian states West Bengal and Assam.  
Bengali Muslim wedding comprises Islamic touch socially and morally. There are small and big holy mosques visited by only Muslim male members for five-time prayers. Bengali Muslim marriage is typically a religious and traditional affair, including wonderful customs and rituals with a hope of embarking of a marital journey. However, Bengali Muslim matrimony is a lavish ceremony celebrated with full of fun and excitement by all participants. 
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