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Assamese Muslims are a great follower of Islamic religion who is predominantly residing in the Indian state (Assam). A large number of Muslim populations speak the Assamese language. Assamese Muslims visit ancient traditional type holy mosques to express their attachment to Allah (God). They are engaged in different professions to earn their livelihood where some of them are exclusively engaged in agriculture. While Assamese Muslims pray, they read Holy Scripture ‘Quran’ to seek blessings and grace of Allah. During their five times prayers, they adore Allah and reads religious scripture for getting a touch of Allah. Assamese Muslim wedding customs and traditions are simpler and prettier, but celebrations are pleasant of the sacred union of Assamese matchmaking Muslim couple. 
Assamese Muslim marriage is a traditional type of occasion where all close relatives gather to participate in a special big fat wedding ceremony. Assamese Muslim groom only looks for traditional soft and comfortable fabric clothing for his marriage day. However, Assamese Muslim bride also gets ready by wearing simple and embroidered costume to look unique. She looks impressive and gorgeous in simpler wedding costume. 
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