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Yellapu is a group of Muslim community belongs to the warrior migrated from North to South. Yellapu Muslims are also known as vellapus and Yellapis. Initially, they have resided in Rajasthan, but after some time moved away in different Indian states according to their comfortability. Yellapu Muslims firstly moved towards Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, and fortunately in Meerut district. Some other states where they have currently occupy Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra etc. Yellapu Muslims are engaged in different professions according to their ability. It is also considered that recently they have appeared in Tamil Nadu and Orissa as well. 
Yellapu Muslim marriage is simpler and traditional affair comprised various customs and rituals preserved from the old age. Yellapu Muslim wedding symbolizes the holy union of two different man and a woman. Yellapu bride and Yellapu groom prefer the traditional simpler design and light color etiquette wedding dress suits their true style. According to the Islamic beliefs Yellapu Muslim matrimony is social contract based marriage alliance willingly accepted by both of them. 
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