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Traditionally, Yadav is a huge group of Muslims who are the major residents of different Indian states of Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh etc. When it comes to their profession they are pastor and milk sellers. After a long time, they have worked hard to improve their social status with tireless efforts in the context of social welfare. To improve their social and economic growth they just started their own little business or work. However, it is also said about modern Yadav Muslims are agriculturalist and some of them who are not having their own land work as labor. They are predominantly engaged in raising cattle for milk business. 
Yadav Muslim marriage is a sacred affair unites Yadav Muslim bride and Yadava Muslim groom. This is full of fun and excitement greatly based on their cultural and religious beliefs. Yadav Muslim matrimony is a joyful occasion where everyone is well-dressed and enjoying such cheerful celebrations like dholki, music and many more. Yadav Muslims are the great follower of Islamic laws that are practised during Yadav wedding ceremonies. These are a blend of modern and traditional customs that can be seen in the today’s Yadav marriage. is an online marriage site offers matchmaking marriage services for Yadav bride and groom. It is a simple and convenient process don’t wait come to join us free through registration.