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Udayar is a well-known Muslim community predominantly found in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Udayar Muslims surnames are originated by occupation, parentage, adoption, clan affiliation or even physical appearance like red hair. These are similar surnames Dayal, Dayan, Dyar, Day, Layer, Dana, Magyar, Sayer and Lazar etc. Udayar Muslims alludes that Udayar ancestors suffered from bad times or circumstances. Their lifespan also signalizes the health issues appeared in the today’s family of Udayar Muslims. After knowing their past time conditions, it can be said about them, they had not lived a good luxurious life. 
When it comes to the Udayar Muslim matrimony is considered a very simple union of two different people in a sacred lifetime bond. They are great followers of holy Islamic scripture ‘Quran’ morals and teachings. Udayar Muslim wedding doesn’t make a big sound because custom celebrations are simpler with religious fervor to seek blessings of Allah for Udayar Muslim bride and Udayar Muslim groom forever. 
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