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Sadgop is a Muslim community which people are known as Chasa or Chasi. Sadgop Muslims predominantly reside in the West Bengal. These are different surnames used by Sadgop Muslims, for instance, Sarkar, Roy, Mallik, Khan, Majumdar and Mandal. Sadgop Muslims are the landowners and their old age traditional occupation is agriculture. When it comes to their staple food is Rice and Wheat and they drink alcohol as well as habitual of chewing tobacco khaine and guraku. Sadgop Muslims speak Bengali language, but they are familiar with Hindu and Oriya language. 
Sadgop Muslim marriage is considered a sacred affair, including lots of custom and rituals to unite bride and groom in a lifelong relationship. Sadgop Muslim matrimony is performed with full of traditional ceremonies to seek blessings from Allah for happy and peaceful big day event. A wedding is not only a day affair because matrimonial ceremonies are an important aspect of such a blissful ceremony. They are a great follower of Islamic laws play an important role in the holy union of Sadgop bride and Sadgop groom. is an online matrimonial service provider for Sadgop Muslim brides and grooms. By redefining the way of matrimony search we created a safe and secure platform for finding you a true love.