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Punjabi Hindu community is a group of people belong to the North India region. Punjabi Hindu is an ethnic group that is widely spread in various region of North India, for instance, these are well-known regions like Punjab, Haryana, Jammu Kashmir, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and more. The Punjabi community likes to live luxurious life to enjoy every aspect of their life. The Punjabi language contains two different tone fluency Western and Eastern Punjabi that is spoken according to the cultural lifestyle or region.   
Punjabi Hindu wedding is the very graceful ceremony having fun and loving moments at the Punjabi wedding. Women go through the expensive embroidered Saari, lehnga, gown and more heavy floral printed costume to look more beautiful among the crowd. And men variable prefer coat, pants, Sherwani, and blazer according to their preferences. Hindu matrimony and Punjabi wedding celebrations begin from the very first time, but the more enjoyable moments are the couple days before the Punjabi matrimony.     
They love to Bhangra, dance on the Punjabi songs. These are pre wedding ceremonies where they invite their relatives to participate in their wedding functions. During the Punjabi matrimony, they offer delicious dishes & vegetarian items to welcome their guests honorably. Punjabi love to enjoy such matrimonial party and functions. These are the top most memorable rituals and customs conducted during the Hindu Punjabi matrimony following as:     
Roka and Thaka: Roka and Thaka are the very first ritual when the Punjabi bride's family goes to the Punjabi groom's home with some necessary articles which are required to fulfil the rituals, religious formalities and more. On this day the marriage date will be decided to make a new relation between two families. In this modern time changes are coming in every religion, caste, and class as well about rituals, matrimony formalities etc.     
Chunni Ceremony: Chunni ceremony is a dominant ritual when the groom's family visit to the groom's home with gifted items, for instance, traditional sweet, the red matrimony costume also offers match making dupatta that is known as Chunni. The father of the groom accomplishes this final step to put meva into the bride's jholi with lots of blessing.