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Oswal is a big Muslim community which name is closely connected to a small village in the Jodhpur district of the Indian state of Rajasthan known as Osianor Ossiya. In the ancient time, Oswal Muslim has played the most significant role in helping many Hindu and Muslim princely states by paying their expenses. Many of Muslim Mughal administrations are given utmost value to their ability and worth due to their great support and skill set in commercial activities. Oswal surname is somewhere spelled Oshwal or Osval as a Muslim community with provenance in the Marwar region of Rajasthan and Tharparkar district in Sindh. Oswal is majorly Muslims arrived from the Osian, fourty kilometers away from Jodhpur. 
According to the custom trend after fixing Oswal Muslim marriage, the groom’s family arrives at the prospective bride’s home along with traditional ingredients. They carry some traditional ingredients like Oswal Muslim bride’s attire, jewelry, fruits and dry fruits etc. When Oswal Muslim matrimony date is fixed bride’s family sends an invitation to inform them for a marriage alliance of Oswal bride and Oswal groom. They bring some cash as a token of love, jewelry and sweets as presage.