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OBC Barber Nayee is a Muslim community who are residing in the different regions with significant populations. Their lifestyle and mother tongue is varied depending on their residency and culture. OBC Barber Nai is also known as Nayee and Valand in Gujarat. They predominantly speak Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu language. OBC Nayee is traditional barbers earn their livelihood. 
OBC Barber Muslim Nayee wedding ceremony is very simpler including various customs and traditions to make it an unforgettable day. You want to keep it simple, however, the day of enjoying cheerful celebrations. It is the day of bringing together OBC Barber Muslim Nayee bride and groom for a lifelong bond. However, OBC Barber Muslim Nayee groom also appears in a stylish wedding outfit. OBC Barber Muslim Nayee matrimony gives chances to the couple to have danced with big sound, music, fantastic photos and video records will cherish the mood of a couple. OBC Barber Muslim Nayee marriage intended to bind the couple in a strong bond to have an amazing feeling of marital bliss.    
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