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Chandravanshi King Ayu had a unique king named Elakha during ninth generation and his son was Nagas, so similarly started Nagavansh. Naagavamsam Muslim is one of the ancient community originated from Suryavamsam. They spread all over India during the time period of Mahabharata. Naagvamsam people were great to fight and hard-working during their ancient time, but now the time has changed found a lot of differences between them in the today’s world. Naagvamsam Muslim people’s mother tongue is Telugu mainly spoken by them in different areas wherever they are residing in this recent time in India. 
Naagavamsam matrimony is a significant affair binds the matchmaking couple in a lifetime bond to take care and spend the rest of life happily. All the nearest and dearest relatives are invited to attend such a pleasant Naagavamsam wedding ceremony. It is a traditional idea to happen big event at Naagavamsam bride’s home with so many colorful celebrations to cherish the mood of a lovely couple. Naagavamsam marriage is a real and etiquette affair tie a nuptial between two different people for embarking marriage journey. 
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