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The Maliki madhhab is one of the four major schools of the religious law within Sunni Islam. It was founded by Malik ibn Anas in the 8th century. The Maliki School of jurisprudence relies on the Quran and hadiths as prime sources. It is the 2nd largest of the four schools. Unlike other Islamic religious laws, Maliki fiqh also considers the consensus of the people of Medina to be a legitimate source of Islamic law.
The Muslim Weddings are known as Nikah. The ceremonies of the Muslim wedding are elegant and simple but the rituals vary from one place to another. The wedding is considered as a sacred union of two people. The bride and groom perform many rituals before and post Nikah or marriage. During the rituals, the Muslim community comes together to celebrate and pray to Allah and seek his blessings. The Nikah ceremony is performed either at the mosque or at the home of bride or groom. In the presence, of family members, a Maulvi conduct the ceremony where the Maliki bride and groom accept the marriage. is one of the leading online Muslim Matrimony where you can find thousands of Muslim bride and grooms profiles. We provide a user-friendly and interactive platform that is very simple to use and helps to make the search easy. If you are looking for Maliki bride and groom then is the ultimate destination where you get access to thousands of verified Maliki bride and groom profiles with detailed information. With our refined search option, you can easily search you can search for an ideal partner as per your preference.
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