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Kaibarta is a Muslim community of Assam, North Bengal. Kaibatra Muslim people are ordinarily fisherman, but in the today’s world, they are agriculturist. Kaibatra Muslim community is divided into two dominant sects Kaibarattas - Jele Kaibarttas (Fisherman) and Hele Kaibarttas (Agriculturist). They generally belong to the Indian state of Assam, the origin place of tea. Also, some of them are residing in other regions North Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Nepal and Bhutan etc. In the Indian state, Assam Kaibarta Muslims are known as Keots and considered completely different from the Jaliya Kaibarta of Bengal. They are under the poverty line and suffering from in the lack of backwardness, low standard of education and poor economic growth. After announcing an auspicious Kaibarta wedding date celebrations begin from this day. Kaibarta Muslim matrimony is a traditional affair celebrated in very simple ways by sending invitations to the close relatives intended to let them participate in a holy union. Kaibarta Muslim marriage is held in the mosque to unite Kaibarta bride and Kaibarta groom for lifetime companionship. Register your matrimony profile at helps to find a potential life partner to choose from a vast database of Kaibarta brides and grooms. We commit to help you until your matrimony search is in the process by notifying you through regular emails.