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Kachara Muslim community is a synonym of Kachera. Kachara Muslim community is found in the existence from the Vedic period. This is found something different in urban areas regarding lifestyle and beliefs. As Inter caste doesn’t matter, among Muslims they can get married to their preferred life partner, but only with the accordance of Islamic laws. There is no caste system for Muslims only religious practices are adhered by every Muslim man and a woman. They were indited to resolve a major issue of a partition of labor. Kachara Muslim community typically signalizes the type of work people pertaining to the Kachra do or did for long years. 
Kachara Muslims predominantly reside in the Indian state of Orrisa who mainly speak the Oriya language. Kachara Muslim people are not so much highly educated and engaged in different profession according to their potential. Kachara Muslim marriage is supposed with so many simple and pretty celebrations to unite bride and groom in a lifelong bond. Kachara Muslim wedding celebration is a blend of certain traditional and modern type multi-day celebrations with fun-filled ceremonies. Kachara Muslim bride and Kachara Muslim groom literally appear in good prettier color costume for embarking matrimonial ceremonies. Kachara Muslim matrimony is quite simple and sweet ceremony brings two different people closer to a marriage relationship.