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Islam is a religion believes in one God known as Allah. The Islamic people are the followers of the holy Quran. Islamic is also known as Muslims. Islam is world’s second largest populated religion approx 1.8 billion followers and 24.1%  are called Muslims. Islamic is predominantly presented worldwide around 49 countries. Muhammad was the founder of Islamic religion merely believe in Allah. The holy Quran is written in Arabic took around 30 years of Muhammad’s death. Islamic’s beliefs and practices are majorly concentrated on these five columns- faith, adoration, fasting, a journey to Mecca; and contributions. Islamic adorate Allah many times in a single day.   
Islamic wedding comprises a lot of customs and rituals begin from the very first day to last. Islamic matrimony is full of celebrations depending on varied ceremonial functional events that create joyful moments. Islamic marriages are based on varying facts such as religious act & practices. Islamic matrimonial is also known as Nikah.   
Custom and Rituals  
Custom and rituals are very significant part of the Ismalic matrimonial ceremony some of them are given below:   
Mehndi: Mehndi is a very exciting wedding ceremony when a bride is decorated by pasting Mehndi on her palms and foot. This will surely give a beautiful look to the bride.   
Barat: This is a groom’s journey with family members, guest, and relatives towards the wedding venue. The bride’s house is decorated with different types of floral decorations on the walls and a bride’s family welcome to the groom. 
Nikah: Nikah is a predominantly occasion of the Islamic wedding to unite both Islamic bride and groom in love life relationship as a husband and wife. On this religious sacrament, the marriage contract will be signed and Meher will be repeated that is given to the bride by a groom.    
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