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Ganakar is a Muslim community belongs to the Indian state of Kerala but have resided in the various regions of this popular state. Ganakar Muslims are also known from these different names Kanisan, Kamnan, Kanisu, Ganaka and Kani etc. When it comes to the literacy status that is estimated very low however female literacy is considered higher more than males. A very lesser people are working in the different sectors while a large number of people are only dependent agriculture. 
Ganakar Muslim marriage is also known as Nikah what a pleasant feel during matrimonial custom ceremonies to unite bride and groom in a blissful lifelong bond. Ganakar Muslim matrimony has a significant purpose, bringing two different people in a lifelong peaceful marriage relationship. Ganakar Muslim bride and Ganakar Muslim groom participate in various Ganakar wedding ceremonies to seek blessings for a happy ending of this big event. This is called a religious affair by adhering old age traditions only for seeking good luck to the couple. is one of the best leading Ganakar matrimonial sites assist you to take a big smart marriage decision. You can find Ganakar brides and grooms to tie a nuptial knot with a simple and quick search. Every registered profile is real and authentic by verifying with the security purpose thus, don’t worry, you can easily connect to a preferred match.