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Ediga is a Muslim community which people reside in the south region of Karnataka. Ediga Muslim community people speak Kannada language and they are also known from these different names, for instance, Namadhari, Deevaru, Halepaika, Billava and Thiyya etc. In some other region of Karnataka, they are known as deevaru means islanders. Ediga is a group of Muslim people found in Karnataka, who are generally engaged in Tapping, Ayurveda doctors, liquor sales and agriculturalist etc. They are naturally hard worker of the today’s modern world consistently improving themselves by gaining potency culturally, economically and politically. 
Ediga Muslim marriage is a social and religious affair brings two different people together in a lifetime relationship as a husband and wife. Different Ediga Muslim matrimony customs and traditions solemnize sacred union of the bride and groom. It is literally fun-filled and exciting Ediga wedding ceremony brings butterfly feelings to the couple. 
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