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Bengali Hindu is the group of an ethnic people speak Bangla & Bengali. Most of the Bengali Hindus are the residents of West Bengal. Bengali are renowned by their professions, for instance, doctors, lawyers, teachers and varying engaged on the government official positions. They are also settled in the different regions such as Bihar and Jharkhand. Bengali follows the Hindu cultures about many rituals and cultural traditions. The Bengali Hindu population is in the high majority in the Indian state of West Bengal and later prevailed in Bangladesh after Bengali Muslim. Bengali belongs to both Hindu and Muslim culture depends on the region or culture, but in some cases, some of the Hindu Bengali virtuous and festive activities are similar to Hindu like Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja and more.   
Bengali Hindu enjoys the matrimony occasion with lots of fun and wedding customs. They would like to invite their special guests and relatives at the wedding ceremony or functions. This is a big day Hindu Bengali groom and Bengali Hindu bride is going to start a happy journey together as a life partner. A worthy life partner gets a perfect match to keep their matrimonial relationship long-lasting. There are some of valuable short tradition and rituals that connect loving couples in a charming relationship.  
Pre Wedding Rituals: Pre wedding rituals contain several memorable sacraments when the family and relatives enjoy every moment together.   
Vridhi: This is a religious activity known as Pooja to recall the ancestors of the Bengali Hindu brides and grooms. Bengali matrimony Pooja has been organized with enough ingredients as Alpana or Rangoli is done and on it is put a ghot with Amra pallab.  
Wedding Piris: The piris are conveyed to the bride's home a day prior to the wedding or on the big day.  The family member and relatives decorate Piris with colourful floral designs that are used to seat the Bengali bride and groom at the wedding day.