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Baghel Muslim Rajputs resides in the different Indian states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. It is estimated that some Rajput subgroups have been converted into Islamic during the period of hundred years when the attacker infiltrated the Rajput wall which guarded the Subcontinent. Muslim Baghel are still present in the armed forces, however some of them moved to another lower rank professions for livelihood. The British Raj ruled over the Islamic Moghul Empire in South Asia. During the 1930s Indian census didn’t count is there any Rajput thus, their prestige has low. 
Baghel Muslim Rajput aspires to marry their respected daughters in their community in a well educated and prosperous family. However Muslim Rajputs has reputed status in the Indian state of Rajasthan, therefore they want their daughters to marry a young man belongs to the same higher rank state. In the recent time they want their daughters to marry at a suitable young age. Depending on their residency what they do in different areas as they are a small business owner or wage laborers. Muslim Baghel marriage is simple, but vibrant including various customs. Both parties celebrate holy union of two different people in this Baghel Muslim matrimony lifelong bond. 
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