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Adi Andhra is a Muslim community. Adi Andhra Muslim people speak Telugu language but it is supposed that they are not vegetarian. Rice is a staple food, however they most commonly eat pork and beef. When it comes to their education level literacy status is very low because they are considered unable to get a higher education. Women generally participate in the agriculture and finances activities. Many of Adi Andhra is the resident of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Adi Andhra wedding customs and traditions are set out from old age that is adhered by them today. Adi Andhra matrimony celebrations are quite different solely adhering their religious and cultural beliefs during matrimonial ceremonies. Adi marriage is considered a sacred union of two different people (Adi Andhra bride & Adi Andhra groom to spend the rest of life by reminding them an actual meaning of lifetime companionship during customs. This is the time of enjoying celebrations with full of excitement. At we assist Adi Andhra singles for finding a life partner to tie a nuptial knot. In the today’s world, a matrimonial search is a vital need of singles who are in search of a worthy life partner come to join marriage site for Adi Andhra brides and grooms.