What Makes Shia Muslim Nikah Special Affair?

Posted on 2018-04-18     

Muslim wedding is the most pleasant and exciting affair brings two different people together for binding them in a lifetime marriage bond. Traditionally Shia Muslim marriages are arranged with a unique set of religious practices adhered by all the Muslim communities. Shia Muslim matrimony is a contract based relationship known as a blissful sacred union because it purifies two bodies and connects them into one soul for spending the rest of life. Shia Muslim matrimonial ceremonies are quite different from Sunni. This is a major reason inter-sect marriages are found lesser among Muslims. Shia Muslim is a rich culture adhered serious religious affair maintained from the old age. Shia Muslim keeps a basic touch of religious practices to seek blessings and good luck of the matchmaking couple. They solemnize matrimonial ceremonies with its rich culture for feeling pleasant on this big event. There are some cultural and religious beliefs adds fun, excitement and joy truly make an etiquette affair. 


Nikah-al-mutah is an old age tradition known as a temporary marriage bond. It is a true fact in the earlier time two Shia Muslim man and a woman are bound in a bond included a fixed time-frame for Nikah. After completion of this short-term marriage alliance, a formal divorce is not mandatory, depending on their will, do they wish to proceed their marriage or not. 


Milad is the day of enjoying and getting celebrations when elders recite Islamic hymns or songs to seek blessings for pleasant and peaceful marriage. Music and dance are the main resources of enjoying such a big event.

Mayouni is a week, before ceremony from the actual wedding day. From this week Shia bride is not allowed to go out of the house and mainly focuses on the familial values and household responsibilities. A bride also needs to take care of her beauty. 


Mehndi is a traditional fun filled, exciting ceremony where both parties assemble at the bride’s house to have dance and singing creates an amazing fairy tale of sweet memories. http://www.NRIwedding.com A wedding is incomplete without mehndi artistic designs enhancing bridal beauty. 

The Nikah

Nikah is a significant ceremony when Shia bride and groom are asked to sign marriage contract without any interruptions like presenting of senior Muslims. 


Walima is a dominant reception party supposed to be a private event only inviting close relatives and friends to participate in this royal grand affair for getting fun and joy. http://www.islamicwedding.com The newlywed married couple appears in an etiquette dress to enjoy this special Walima. 

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