Role Of The Officiant (Imam) In Muslim Wedding Ceremony

Posted on 2018-03-16     

Muslim marriages are celebrated traditionally by following religious practices during a marriage (Nikah). Muslim officiant is also known as Imam who performs overall religious ceremonies to unite bride and groom. An officiant (Imam) recites an actual meaning of marriage to the couple for making their views apparent about this sacred union. Imam presence is mandatory to accomplish religious matrimonial formalities. Wedding can’t be completed without an officiant because he manages prenuptial agreement (contract) that’s really important. In this pre-marriage contract, Islamic marital right and obligations are mentioned for bride and groom that are signed before proceeding marriage.

Marriages are not generally held in mosques depending on the country and cultural trend where both parties comfortably participate to cherish blissful union of the two people. During this ceremony, a man and woman are typically separated because they are not allowed to see each other before an actual ceremony. It is said concerning officiant any senior Muslim who studied well and understand the Islamic laws & traditions can officiate a marriage. He is a religious leader known as qadi, qazi or mad hun may oversee wedding. 

In, spite of the marriage contract, Imam needs to confirm meher will be a major part of this ritual. Meher is a bridal possession including money, jewelry or property share that is promised to given to a bride by the groom and his family. Muslim couple is asked three times concerning acceptance of marriage alliance willingly and preconditions outlined in the contract. If the couple happily accepts each other, marriage is successfully accomplished. 

Religious views and beliefs are an important aspect of Muslim matrimony. If a Muslim man wishes to marry a non-Muslim woman no restrictions for him there. But when it comes to Muslim woman if she wants to marry out of religion primarily her fiance is emphasized to adopt Islam before marriage. Arranging unique great celebrations adds additional joy and fun-loving moments in, spite of being traditional affair too. A unique wedding celebration ideas inspires blissful union of the bride and groom. These are fun-loving and extravagant to create memorable memories forever. 

Another important consideration is discussed with Imam Marriage will not be held during the month of Ramadan because this is a sacred month according to Islamic faiths. Everything must be discussed between both parties and Imam who officiates marriage (Nikah) ceremony.

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