Muslim Wedding Nikah Ceremony

Posted on 2018-02-20     

Muslim Nikah is one of the dominant and ideal custom ceremonies to tie a nuptial knot between the couple. In Islam, marriage is considered one of the sacred affairs permitted two different people to stay together for spending the rest of life. Muslim matrimony is a contract based relationship where couple signs the marriage contract which highlights rights and responsibilities of the bride and groom towards an entire marital life. To be a successful marriage requires mutual understanding and respect based on your own perception how you are managing it. Muslim wedding celebrations are grand and winsome cherish a blissful union of the smart matchmaking couple for embarking marital relationship. Nikah is a prominent simple ceremony, but realistic.   


In Islam, meher is a mandatory monetary amount that is a promised gift given to the bride by a groom. A Muslim groom may not be familiar about Meher during nikah. A bride has legal possession to demand something beforehand that’s not only financial means. With the meher amount, the bride and groom’s family get agree eventually given to the bride by a groom. Typically, meher announcement is for bride’s safety to ensure her freedom in the marital life.   


Muslim marriage only includes an important element that is known as ‘Nikah’. During this ceremony, the bride and groom are seated in separate rooms with their close friends and relatives. Nikah contract mentions all terms and conditions apply for accepting one another as a life partner. Bride and groom freely give their consent to the marriage relationship. An officiant plays an important role to precede ceremonies to the next level and fathers (Wallis) of the bride and groom are presented during the acceptance of marriage proposals. Then Imam announces the couple as a husband and wife.   

Nikah Namah  

The matrimony contract (Nikah Namah) is written in Arabic usually comes out during the big day for signing it by bride and groom and describes their rights and obligations towards each other. Now the couple is bound by Islamic law and limitations for future life. In this way, you both agree for embarking marital relationship with mutual love, humbleness and mercy, (muwaddah, sukun, rahmah). 


After accomplishing marriage formalities, Imam commemorates the marriage by reciting ‘Fatihah’. Fatihah is an initial chapter of the Holy Scripture ‘Quran’. Now the couple is legally husband and wife here as per custom bride is showered with 1, 2, 5 and 10 rupee coins while leaving a venue that is called ‘Savaqah’. 

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