Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards Types Of Symbols And Colors

Posted on 2018-04-10     

Trending designs what you have dreamed of sending invitations to your close relatives, friends and colleagues. From wedding to last day celebrations both Muslim families are engaged to organize all the arrangements and preparations to get done with full of planning. In Muslim culture, marriage invitations are traditionally designed with an awesome color design, pattern choose from a vast collection of the most popular artistic stylish designs. These features indicate Islamic culture for a seasonal wedding what you choose for your Muslim matrimony. If you like regal wedding printing excellent cards get well-designed only for Muslims to have pretty latest designs for quality printing which might be something expensive but really good for you. Invitation cards are sent out to announce wedding ceremony what’s an integral part apparently complete big day announcement including appropriate detail of an auspicious date, time and venue. 

Beautiful Star & Crescent Symbol

It is a predominant symbol most commonly found on Muslim wedding cards such as star and crescent symbol directly harmonizing Muslim culture. Star and moon are appearing as an almighty symbol enlighten an utmost belief with a hope of successful marriage. 


Bismillah is a sacred word does sound sweet with a true substance of holy ‘Quran’ indicates a belief in the name of God (Allah). This is a good symbol showers blessing to the couple. It is beautifully designed or printed to characterize a holy symbol to seek consent and utmost blessings from Allah. 


Allah is the name of God called by Muslims while praying and remembering Allah. It is printed or designed to keep a touch of almighty (Allah) with a hope of presenting purity of two souls for lifetime marriage relationship. Allah symbol on invitation card indicates mutual understanding, happiness and utmost love between bride and groom. Muslim matrimony invitation Allah symbol guides you to stay humble as a married couple. 


Shahadah symbol implies evidence of utmost belief in Allah. Shahadah is a very first pillar of the 5 pillars of Islam. This pretty symbol is printed on Muslim marriage cards. 


When it comes to the significance of Islamic wedding invitation cards appeared in vivacious color and fine texture to symbolize Islamic culture. All these designs and patterns depict an Islamic wedding culture, including color palettes, embellished colored stones, semi-precious blue, green and multicolor combination of wedding invitation cards. 

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