Muslim Wedding Ceremony Have Winsome and Grand Celebrations

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Muslim marriages are multi-day celebrations embarking sacred union of bride and groom. Muslim wedding is a traditional affair, including various distinctive customs and rituals in it are called religious and cultural beliefs. These are simple yet winsome customary practices cherish blissful marriage of the selected couple what they want to make a forever memorable event. Matrimony is known as ‘Nikah’ among Muslims allow the bride and groom embarking marital life by cherishing it with full of love, honor and care. On the matrimony occasion, Muslim bride and groom are sitting separately in the different rooms and not allowed to interact and see each other. During ‘Nikah’ Muslim couple are asked to express their will to marry where ‘Walis’ father of the bride and groom also present their consent as the major officiants.   

Now the couple signs the marriage contract in the presence of officiant and witnesses.   

After that officiant gives heartwarming blessings to the couple by announcing them as a husband and wife.   

A Joyful and Exciting Muslim Wedding Celebration  

Days of extra cheerful celebrations make a big sound reflects the cultural and religious practices for good luck and peaceful ending of matrimony affair. Looking forward what adds an attractive and gleesome touch to the different functions and reception party. We are describing some fun creating features of week celebrations.   


Dholki announces the commencement of a wedding that takes place a couple of weeks before the marriage day. During this custom ceremony, all invited guests, friends and relatives participate in practicing songs and dancing to perform on an actual day. The bride and groom also happily participate by keeping their own ‘Dholki’ (drum) and beating at their homes. It is a chance to get joy and fun together with friends, relatives and family sing and dance. A photographer takes photos back-to-back to capture pleasant memories of each moment. Both parties organize a dinner party for participant’s takes long hours till late night.   


An awesome ceremony all time favorites of Muslim women. Mehendi custom is performed with enough flamboyant decorations of the house, including colorful lantern lights, balloons and hanging flowers. Women get ready by wearing a traditional beautiful dress such as shalwar-suit and lehenga etc. Muslim bride is pasted with a beautiful unique Mehendi design beautifies her for a wedding. All women sing traditional songs and dance together somewhere it is seen as a competition among ladies participants.   


Groom wears preferred traditional Sherwani or Churidar with kurta as a fashionable and stylish guy for Nikah ceremony. In the Muslim culture, the groom wears a veil of roses on his head that entices the assembled guests how does he really look? ‘Nikah’ is an actual ceremony signing by the bride and groom in the presence of the officiant. Meher amount is also mentioned in this marriage contract that is given to the bride after divorce or separation.   


Valima is a grand feast at night after of ‘Nikah’. This is truly a rich and fun-loving custom where the groom’s family invites special relatives to be the participants of a ‘Valima’ function. It is organized in the honor welcome of the bride into a new home. 

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