Muslim Wedding Ceremony Delicious Food And Fun Filled Rituals

Posted on 2018-03-12     

Muslim wedding celebrations are extra ostentatious joins two people in a sacred relationship. Muslim wedding delicious food variety is awesome including a different variety of spices veg & non-veg dishes and sweets. Nikah is one the significant ceremony for Muslims thus, it is celebrated with lots of customs and traditions to cherish holy union of the bride and groom. It slightly differs from other culture concerning great cheerful celebrations. It is a lengthy ceremony due to their vast custom and traditions. This is an interesting fact to adhere cultural and religious values during matrimonial ceremonies. After both parties discussed the senior Muslim members do (Ibadah) worship of Allah to bless for a blissful union of the couple. When it comes to traditional good food and rituals adds interesting and fun-loving touch to make marriage winsome affair.   

Istikhara (Agreement of Marriage Contract)  

Muslim marriages are most commonly arranged because their strict laws and teachings do not permit getting married without discussed with parents. Once the two people are considered mutual match religious head (Imam) initiates marriage proposal by adoring Allah intended to ask to bless for the future couple.   


Mangini is an official engagement ceremony for embarking marriage alliance between bride & groom and their respective families. Both families invited their special close relatives and friends where future matchmaking couple exchanges ring. The groom family offers gifts to the bride with sweets, fruits, attire and money as a token of love or presage.  


Nikah is royal but simple affair without expenditure when the bride and groom are asked to sign the marriage contract (Mithag) by accepting each other as a husband and wife. It is especially held in the holy place (Mosque) that is decorated with full of fresh flowers and indoor curtains in a very simple way. Meher amount is also mentioned in this written proposal accepted by the groom and his family.   

Delicious Food  

On the wedding ceremony Muslims host a grand feast (Daawat) greatly depending on the cultural trends. Here you will find a number of delicious non-veg dishes such as bheja fry, chicken, mutton, chicken spicy biryani and much more. In, spite of this offered dried dates, yogurt and butter etc. The types of foods are available really so yummy for respected guests at the banquet hall. It is the time of extravagant celebrations to enjoy blissful union of the beautiful Muslim bride and handsome groom. 

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