Muslim Wedding Celebrations All You Need To Know

Posted on 2018-02-26     

Muslim wedding celebrations are great and lavish all you need to know before attending a marriage function. It is a good way to cherish the bond of marriage between bride and groom who happily spends the rest of life. No arrangements are done very soon because wedding function celebrations and arrangements are grand including so many pleasing and colorful decorative items really adds a nice touch. Islam is the most popular religion worldwide with a large number of populations where matrimony customs and rituals are performed in a different way. However, Muslims are a great follower of holy ‘Quran’ enables to remind them religious and cultural beliefs. Muslim wedding traditions and custom ceremonies are varying from culture to culture and caste to caste among Muslims. But they only adhere Islamic religious practices take look at the various customs here as:  
Pre Wedding Ceremonies   
Muslim weddings are admirable like other Indian marriages having a lot of certain custom ceremonies mark of a blissful embarking of the bride and groom. Istikhara is an initial pre-wedding custom where four religious heads seek blessings and consent of Allah (God) to begin the marriage. The second one custom takes place Imam-Zamin a silver or gold coin is offered in a silk fabric that is tied on the bride’s arm as per custom. A bride also receives delicious different flavour of sweets as a presage. Mangini is a next traditional affair when groom family visits the bride’s house with lots of sweets and fruits to express their gratitude for a new relationship. Sanchaq is an utmost important ceremony where the groom’s mother gifts, traditional attire and custom jewelry for the bride as wedding costume for Nikah.   
Wedding Rituals   
Wedding commencement with so many custom formalities where Nikah is one the most prominent unites the couple in a sacred lifetime relationship. Meher is a significant deal mentioned in the marriage contract accepted by the groom and his family. It is a big amount legally promised for giving the bride. Before signing marriage contract the couple is asked by the officiant for giving their consent thrice, are they ready to accept each other as a husband and wife? If they said, yes it is the time of pleasant celebrations by following customs. It is a very interesting fact about the holy ‘Quran’ and mirror that is kept between bride and groom wherein they first time take a romantic glance at each other.   
Post Wedding Rituals   
What you supposed now about wedding functions only rukshat (Vidai) wherein bride leaves wedding venue with his best man. Soon the grandiose feast, reception (Walima) is the most favorite function of Muslim wedding. It is held for welcoming of the bride into a new home. 


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