Muslim Wedding a Good Time to Enjoy Custom Celebrations

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Muslim wedding is a good time to enjoy custom celebrations for uniting Muslim bride and groom. Both parties equally participate in holy cultural and religious customs to have great fun and excitement. A marriage proposal is sent by the groom’s family to ask her hand in marriage. It's typical celebrations are in Islamic style with so many custom affairs, including pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding celebrations. This is a special time to enjoy pretty customs and traditions to seek blessings of Allah. Muslim matrimony is all about a contract-based relationship when Muslim bride and groom commit to entering into marital life. However, in Islamic culture marriage celebrations are appeared variably from region to region. What happens very first at a Muslim wedding ceremony to tie a nuptial knot between a beautiful bride and a smart Muslim groom. All custom celebrations are all you need to know about big fat Muslim Nikah.

Marriage Discussion

When Muslim girl and boy is considered well mature to tie them a nuptial knot discussion begins on both sides. Initially, it happens only among family members, but later gradually it comes to finalize by discussing with a bride’s father. This is a formal discussion so far, but nothing will be decided without the consent of a bride’s father. If her father is ready to hand over his daughter, this is a time to remember Allah for good luck of couple for coming soon marriage alliance. 

Important Pre Wedding Custom Ceremonies

Pre-wedding ceremonies are sacred and vibrant with so many upcoming events like Mehndi (Henna) party, Sangeet ceremony where bride’s home is decorated with full of flowers hanging colorful curtains all around the wall. All Muslim ladies wear shiny, highly embroidered clothes like suit salwar and sharara to participate in this evening function.


Nikah is a religious affair including sacred custom practices, for instance here, Muslim bride and groom are asked to express their consent willingly by reciting three times qubool h. If both say yes this is a valid marriage alliance announced in the holy mosque. As well as meher amount is also mentioned in the marriage contract that is socially accepted by groom and his family. 

Walima (Reception)

Walima is a grandeur function to give a warm welcome to the princess into a new home. This is a grand feast function, including good lip-smacking food and dancing with music masti to cherish blissful holy union of couple. 

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