Muslim Nikah: The Grand Dashing And Colorful Celebrations

Posted on 2018-03-29     

Muslim wedding is a royal sweet and colorful ceremony celebrated with extra pomp and show to add extra charm to the celebrations. Celebrations are an integral part of this special event that is vibrant custom and rituals preserved by the Muslim community. Muslim matrimony customs are greatly celebrated based on their cultural and religious beliefs that are adhered for a long time. These are fun-filled custom and rituals are followed by them to unite bride and groom in a lifelong bond. Muslim marriages are called Nikah that is a contract based relationship. This royal ceremony begins with a happy pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals are included for multi-day celebrations. Nikah is a dominant occasion among such matrimonial ceremonies depending on your lifestyle, you go for simple & sweet or aspire to make a royal pretty much. Some Muslim families are pedantic may not allow enjoying with extra fun and merriment. Let's take a look at details for more information here as:

An officiant is an experienced man with the familiarity of Islamic laws to connect two Muslim singles in a blissful marriage relationship. It is good to know under the Islamic laws the couple is free from any forceful or pressurize conditions, thus, they can express their free will to a representative known as Wali, the father of the bride who replying bride’s behalf what’s her wish about to marry. 

Muslim Wedding Celebration

These days Muslim marriage also going to be celebrated in the royal wedding destination with ceremonies of lively parties to get extra fun and enjoy. Nikah is one of the most prominent ceremonies surrounds the couple comprises overall ceremonies or celebrations in itself. Though marriage celebrations are typically Sangeet, Singing, Dancing and Mehendi, etc all these are really winsome big sound maker events. 


Nikah is featuring several customs to unite bride and groom in a marriage relationship. Muslim groom wears kurta and churidar along with silver jewelry while Muslim bride most commonly wears green color embroidered costume and custom ornamented jewelry. Their outfit is simple and subtle to keep the touch of simplicity. 

The couple is asked three times qubool h and, if they said yes, this is the time of celebrations because bride and groom have accepted to each other as a life partner. Then they are asked to sign the marriage contract what includes meher amount, marital responsibilities and terms and conditions.

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