Muslim Nikah Post Wedding Rukshat and Walimah Customs

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Muslim weddings are known for its grand religious affair during matrimonial ceremonies also related to cultural beliefs. The custom and tradition ceremonies might differ from region to region; however, all the religious staple ceremonies are similar. Muslim Nikah is an elaborated affair with so many post-wedding celebrations such as Rukshat is a significant, surprising moment when she leaves wedding venue and keeps a hand of his best man during the entire journey to reach a new home. Post wedding customs are heart touching events when she will take a departure with her best man forever. It is truly a magnificent ceremony comes after long days from what Muslim bride and groom were waiting after fixing an auspicious date. These are highlighted post-wedding customs and rituals are performed   

Rukshat Ceremony

A rukshat ceremony is a Muslim bride’s departure from the wedding venue. During this moment Muslim bride and groom receive blessings towards a blissful marital relationship. It seems an emotional ceremony, bride sheds tears during farewell because she is leaving her home after marriage. A bride’s father places his daughter’s hands in the hand of a groom to take care of his entire life. A father sheds tears and says such emotional words from his heart. 

(Walimah) A Grand Reception Party

Walimah is the most pleasant and surprising ceremony of Muslims known as post-wedding reception exclusively for welcoming a bride into her new home with so many wonderful pretty celebrations. All celebrations are colorful to make feel happy to a bride. It is a Dawat-e-Walimah only by inviting some of the close relatives to announce the completion of marriage alliance. In this Dawat-e-Walimah you will find a huge variety of veg and non-veg delicious dishes for being their most favorite choice in a banquet hall. 

The Chauthi Ceremony

Chauthi is a post-wedding custom basically the groom family is invited to a grand feast lunch or dinner at the bride’s house. It is a first-time visit from a groom side after marriage to the bride’s house. Both parties exchange money and gifts to share love and joys. 

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