Muslim Nikah Marriage Sacred and Mesmerizing Rituals

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Muslim marriage old age customs and rituals are adhered with full of many simple yet elegant celebrations. Muslim marriage is also known as Nikah to tie a nuptial knot between Muslim single girl and a guy. However, in this modern era, they are also using online matrimonial sites which have proved well for them. Still, Muslims are most commonly adhere matrimonial customs and traditions because they are a great follower of religious and cultural beliefs but significant purpose only to follow Islamic law during marriage celebrations. Matrimony is considered as a religious act, a contract based relationship as a strong bond. Let's take a dive into what's more important pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals. 

Istikhara Ritual

Istikhara is one of the most important rituals for Muslim communities when the senior Muslim religious head of the belonging community seeks good luck and happy commencement to the wedding ceremony. 

Imam-Zamin Ritual

In this second custom the future grooms’ mother visits to the bride’s house. A future mother-in-law offers traditional gifts, jewelry, sweets and attire etc. This is a formal easy type engagement to announce matrimony alliance. 


Mangini is also known as engagement in Muslim community to announce an auspicious date and time by exchanging rings, fruits and sweets etc, This is a presage exchanging some traditional ingredients to give a blissful touch for happy commencement. 

Manjha Ritual

During this ceremony Muslim bride wear yellow attire and paste a blend of oil and turmeric to her face and body to get glowing skin. After this day bride is not allowed to go out because the wedding day is coming soon.

Mehendi Ceremony 

Mehendi ceremony is very interesting and blissful enjoyed by bride and participants to cherish new marriage relationship. Muslim brides are happy a lot with this amazing Mehendi function when she aspires to have artistic and creative designs on her hands and feet. 

Nikah Ceremony

Nikah is a significant ceremony performed at the holy mosque. An officiant takes care of everything by managing entire Nikah process in the presence of walis. The father (Walis) of bride and groom plays a significant role during Nikah. An officiant recites selected verses from Holy Quran and then asked the couple qubool h three times. If Muslim bride and groom accept this proposal, Nikah is accomplished. 


During Nikah, the senior Muslim members fixed an abundant amount of mahr is given to the bride. A groom is promised to give mahr to his better half as a big amount of money or jewelry. 

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