Muslim Nikah: Amazing Wedding Customs and Traditions

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Muslim nikah is a religious sacred affair celebrated with lots of grandeur celebrations conducted by both families equally to unite well mature bride and groom. Muslim marriage celebrations are variant with so many religious and cultural custom affair cherishes holy union of the matchmaking couple. Muslim wedding is also known as Nikah that is a contract based relationship. Nikah is held to tie a nuptial knot of two different Muslim girl and a guy. Marriage alliance is a lifetime bond to stay together by loving and caring for each other for lifelong. At Muslim wedding bride and groom commit to keep or fulfill each other’s dream by pampering with love and care. Nikah is an integral ceremony happens at every Muslim marriage. Muslim matrimony alliance is considered as a practice of legal bond between man and woman. Marriage is viewed as a religious sacred bond between matchmaking couple. Marriages are typically colorful like a festive occasion however, only a few people follow such wonderful customs and rituals during matrimonial customs. 

Legan Chir 

Legan chir is a pre-wedding custom when the marriage date is fixed, customize card sent to the bride’s father by groom’s family. When a marriage alliance is fixed bride and groom feel butterflies in their stomach because very soon they are going to tie a nuptial knot. 

Manjha Ceremony

Manjha is another cheerful occasion chances of getting enjoy, where a prospective bride is seated on a wood table and pasted a blend of turmeric and mustard oil. It brings an extra glowing skin of a cute and beautiful bride. 

Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi ceremony is a sacred colorful function when a beautiful Muslim prefers an artistic pretty design to paste same designs on her hands and feet. It enhances bridal beauty by beautifying her cute looking hands and feet. It is one of the most favorite rasam (custom) for Muslim marriages because they prefer mehendi a lot and always comes with new designs. 

Welcoming the Baraat

After groom’s arrival bride’s family comes to welcoming the best man at the entrance door of wedding venue. It is a wonderful moment when the procession is also enjoyed melodious or big sound music masti after a delicious meal at the wedding banquet. 


Nikah is an actual ceremony where all custom ceremonies are all around. Nikah takes place to seek desire of bride and groom for this marriage alliance. Some of the main senior family members are present here. And the couple is asked by the officiant to express their will for qubool h three times, but when they happily accept this proposal, then come for signing a marriage contract to have an affidavit of a valid date, time and acceptance. 

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