Muslim Marriage Ceremony With Antique Custom Celebrations

Posted on 2018-04-11     

Muslim wedding function celebrations are lavish and vibrant with so many colorful custom ceremonies. Marriage commencement comes through discussion between two different families by considering couple well mature and responsible to spend the rest of life. Some Muslim families are conservative doesn’t allow their sons and daughters to marry according to their wish, but literally seeking the consent of a girl and guy is a necessity. What might add extra charm to this surprising wedding ceremony bringing two different people together by tying a nuptial knot between them? Muslim matrimony customs give pleasant experience including dancing, music, a grand feast and many more. Even Muslim marriage is a multi-day affair with rich and winsome custom ceremonies that are simple and brief takes place for a long week. Muslim singles are supposed to marry within their community by finding a suitable & a worthy life partner. All invitees or participants are supposed to enjoy lively parties celebrations in their own ways. 


Muslim matrimony commencement is considered with ‘Dholki’ named later dholak or drum this is beaten a week before the actual ceremony. During this magical event close relatives, guests sing and dance together. All the close and distant relatives assemble to participate in this stunning ceremony to get enjoy blissful celebrations. Both families separately hold this tradition at their own houses by beating Dholki does sound good. A bride and groom family also arrange a night dinner or a feast for respected guests at their homes. 


Mehndi is an awesome and glee-some occasion Where Muslim bride appears so happy and excited while an expert mehndi designer applying an artistic beautiful design on her hands and feet. Muslim bride-to-be gets ready by wearing a heavy charming dress for her mehndi occasion being a chief participant. All the neighbor women, relatives and friends also enjoy by dancing and singing traditional songs. Wedding house is decorated with so many decorative items, organizing in a royal style. 


Nikah is a sacred event performed with the help of officiant who officiates marriage with so many religious custom practice. It is a long time ceremony performed at the holy place ‘Mosque’ where bride and groom are asked to express their desire for marriage. With all religious and cultural formalities in the presence of ‘Allah’, it is accomplished by signing a marriage contract to be legal bond or lifelong companionship between husband and wife. After this walima reception comes as a next post matrimony occasion for warm welcome of a pretty bride into a new home. 

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