Muslim Marriage Basics All You Need To Know

Posted on 2018-04-03     

Muslim marriage celebrations are great and vibrant as to be second largest religion in this world. Prophet Muhammad was the founder of Muslim great religion. The word ‘Islam’ refers ‘surrender’ thus, all Muslims are supposed to surrender themselves to the will of ‘Allah’ God. Allah is the supreme power, according to the Islam where a holy scripture ‘Quran’ is considered an auspicious book for Muslims. They adhere all morals and teachings of ‘Quran’ being an indication of Allah. They are supposed to seek blessings and will of Allah before the commencement of any auspicious work when it comes to marriage that’s really very important. Muslim matrimony includes old age customs and traditions to unite bride and groom as a religious affair. Marriage is a contract based relationship that is required to sign by Muslim bride and groom for a lifetime legal bond. The topmost three crucial ceremonies are known as Nikah, Dukhlah and Walimah. All these are three common practices takes place during the sacred union of a man and a woman. 

Marriage is supposed a sacred relationship prescribed by Islamic law with an ambient description what’s an actual meaning of marriage. In the ancient time, women’s condition was not good, but today’s world brought some changes to protect Muslim wives rights in the marital relationship. Muslim matrimony is a contract based relationship takes place in the mosque (Muslim Shrine) and all the terms and conditions are accepted by the couple through signing contract. However, the couple is free from all pressurize conditions because they are free to express their will are they ready for this marriage allowance or not? 

One more interesting thing if groom agrees to accept the bride’s dowry and signs marriage contract specially mentioned in the ‘Quran’ then it is considered a legal alliance. This dowry is also known as meher fixed during ‘Nikah’ the amount may be money, jewelry or property share. After this celebrations' music and dance celebrations are performed during Walimah. There are also some crucial custom trends depending on the cultural variations. It is celebrated for the warm welcome of the bride into a new home as a ‘Dulhan’. When it comes to the conservative Islamic countries like Oman, man and woman sit separately and wears a long veil on her face. This is all done during ‘Walima’ reception function.

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