Importance Of Seeking Blessings Of Parents Before Muslim Marriage

Posted on 2018-03-13     

In this journey of life, parents are extremely important to take care of you for entire life, at least until you grow well mature. Parents are really very important for someone’s life to enjoy concern free life. Among Muslims seeking blessings or to get permission from parents is considered auspicious before embarking marital discussion. However, the bride and groom desire is also given priority for tying a nuptial knot. The Holy Scripture ‘Quran’ underlines responsibilities and obligations of the parents to be the major participants while sons and daughters taking such big decisions. Allah has supreme power who wants to indicate to acknowledge the importance of parents towards taking or breaking big decisions of life, especially concerning marriage. Sons and daughters can never recompense to their parents what they did for them so far.   

Muslim parents giving and withholding are always completely in your favor. Parents put efforts entire life to make you a well matured, smart and hard worker towards achieving any achievement either personally or professionally. Finally, what you are it's all because of them, why you forget to ask their hands in marriage before fixing it. Know how does this really important to you seeking blessings of parents for fixing Muslim matrimony. It’s prudent decision was taken by the couple if initially look for parental blessings before beginning marriage (Nikah) lawful act. In other words, sometimes Muslim singles need to take own decisions because now they are adult to keep the foundation of marriage, but that doesn’t mean parents are denied to ask for such a big marriage decision. 

It does sound sad within the realms of Muslim personally, they are strict enough concerning religious belief & laws but a great follower of God (Allah). Somewhere parents withhold their sons and daughter to marry a preferred guy or a girl because of ethnic differences. Otherwise, parents are always there to fulfil your little dreams and desires even if you reject them to be the major participant of matrimony event how much really heartbreaking news for them.   

Muslim young girls and boys are independent to choose their life partner but eventually, parental support and blessings are important. An officiant also describes cheerfulness of Allah is the cheerfulness of loving father. It is a literal statement (Hadith) that the father plays a great role because pleasing father is pleasing a God (Allah). Honor your parents by giving priority to them for taking a wise decision of marrying someone after seeking permission and blessings towards new blissful matrimony relationship. Parents seek blessings of God (Allah) for happy embarking of marriage relationship between Muslim bride and groom. 

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